Project Description

You can’t expect your customers to understand the value of water if internally this idea is unclear for your organization. As Simon (Sinek) says, people don’t care what you do, they care why you do it. If your why, your mission, your core goals aren’t clearly defined and conveyed regularly, you will find yourself spinning your wheels.

Your strategy begins with why. We don’t mean a 50-page tome that no one will ever read. We don’t mean a plan that will be placed on a shelf, only to fade out of relevancy and value until the next planning session. We mean a plan that you and your team create, live, and breathe.

We create award-winning education and communication plans that will guide you and your team daily. An effective plan with team buy-in will not collect dust on a shelf.

We are obsessed with the process of strategic plans and we’re passionate about helping people develop short, digestible plans that will be implemented and rallied behind. Our strategic plans are living, breathing documents that are meant to be carried with you through every social media post, project, and brainstorm session. Here are some examples of plans we can help you develop together.

  • Communication Plan
  • Crisis Communication Plan
  • Social Media Plan
  • Education Plan